The roadmap for roadmaps

Check out what we're working on to help you improve your process even more


Timeline roadmap


Put dates to your roadmap by creating a timeline. Create groups for teams, employees, or anything to overlap requests and get an idea of when work will be done.

Internal weekly updates


We're building weekly updates for your team. These can be turned on per user for email or as a slack bot in a public channel.

Each update will include:

  • Roadmap changes: New items, removed items, status changes
  • Releases from the past week
  • Top customer requests from the past week

Intercom integration

Add Next Please to your Intercom messenger and allow customers to add feature requests without sending a message. We'll also be adding tooling to send your customers status updates on those requests and others they follow.

Automatic requests from Helpscout


Automatically create a request when applying a specific tag in a Helpscout conversation. This will add the conversation to the request for finding later.

Self-service custom domains


Currently you need to contact us to set up a custom domain. With this change you will be able to configure and add custom domains to your account within your roadmap settings.


Better autosuggestions


Duplicate requests can be really painful to manage with your Next Please account. We're working to improve the way our autosuggest works from the search algorithm to the UI itself. We're hoping this will cut down on the amount of duplicates that are made up front.

Github integration

With this integration you will be able to attach Github issues to requests and automatically move requests to the changelog when an attached issue is closed.

Connect Slack after creating an account


Currently you can't use the Slack OAuth / Team log in feature unless you signed up with Slack (or write in a support ticket). We're going to add the option to connect with Slack after creating an account.

Notification settings

We're working to allow you to control what kind of notifications you receive from your account. Those options will include: - When a request I created is commented on - When a request I created is moved to the roadmap - When a request I created is shipped - When a comment of mine is replied to - When I am mentioned in a comment or request

Connect Clubhouse stories to Next Please requests


We're planning to build a direct integration with Clubhouse to help automate your process when stories and milestones are updated.


Email updates for requestors


Send updates automatically to people who make a request when a status changes and/or when it is shipped.

This feature will be off by default.

Toggle visible data on Requests page


Enable or disable what data is visible on an internal Request item: Date, status, category, tags, comments, people, author, etc.

Improved editing of public content


We're going to make how you edit public content a whole lot easier!